Pain Caused by Tissue Damage Surrounding Metal Hips

8 The connection between metal hips and painOne of the great risks that patients face is developing severe pain in the areas surrounding metal hips. In a recent research study presented at the 2013 American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, it was discovered that patients with hip implants tend to experience increasing pain that ultimately requires a revision surgery. The major source of this pain was found to be the destruction of tissue in the areas around the metal hip.

This unexplained pain has impacted the lives of patients in a variety of ways. Some patients are no longer able to walk or freely move after receiving a hip implant. Patients may not be able to return to a job that requires standing for extended periods of time or being on one’s feet. Those with Stryker hip replacements may find it difficult to take care of their loved ones. If you have experienced pain from a Stryker metal hip replacement, then hip recall lawyers are here to help you stand up for your legal rights. Patients who received hip implants often received misrepresentations about how these hip implants would change their lives for the better, when the reality has been that their lives have actually become more difficult.

The Undisclosed Risks of Stryker and DePuy Metal-on-Metal Hips

Those who received metal hip implants were likely not aware that they would need to have a revision surgery completed in the future. The risk of needing revision surgeries is one of the many undisclosed risks behind metal hip implants. Out of the 9,000 hip implants performed every year, at least 10 percent of those hip implants require a revision surgery. The revision surgery only prevents further corrosion of metal ions in the body but it does not address the problem of pain that patients experience in the hip joint areas. Research studies indicate that patients who receive revision surgeries frequently feel pain and hypersensitivity in the months following the surgery.

Patients with unexplained pain in their body may also be at risk for suffering from permanent tissue damage. The Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implants are made out of components featuring chromium, cobalt and titanium. When a person walks or runs, the metal components in these hip implants rub up against bones and tissue in the body. Metal ions are released, and these metal ions cause the deterioration of tissue in the hip joint area. Doctors have found that this damage is irreversible.

Development of Pseudo Tumors in Patients with DePuy Metal-on-Metal Hips

Another cause of pain for patients with metal-on-metal hips is the development of pseudo tumors. These “false” tumors develop when masses of liquid begin to surround a hip implant. These tumors are created when metal ions are released onto the hip tissue to cause this reaction. Pseudo tumors can be very uncomfortable for patients, and they can also lead to unsightly and embarrassing appearances in the hip region. Women have a higher risk of developing pseudo tumors, and they may suffer from premature arthritis as a result of these pseudo tumors from a metal hip implant.

Unrecognized Pain in Patients with Metal Hips

Pseudo tumors can also lead to the development of numbness and unrecognized pain in patients with metal hip replacements. This is why it is vital for patients to meet with their surgeons if they have received an implant featuring the Rejuvenate or ABG II hip devices. Patients can also consult with a hip recall lawyer about the rights that they have in dealing with unrecognized pain and the potential future consequences.

Seek Legal Representation for Your Claim or Lawsuit Today

Patients who have experienced pain and suffering from their hip implants have the legal right to compensation. In addition, those patients that have undergone revision surgeries may also be entitled to additional compensation for their expenses and pain suffered. Call one of our hip recall lawyers today to discuss the potential legal options that you have in holding accountable for its defective devices. There is no reason patients should have to suffer from a metal hip implant that was marketed as a solution to all of their hip issues.

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